• Knowdler (The Knowdler)

    Knowdler (The Knowdler)

    KNOWDLE INSIGHTS HumanHacker. 🖋Novelist/poet&🎤speaker. AI&InternetOldRunner, ExOs AIBuilder. Dreammaker, Bioneer, Knowmad & Non-conventional entrepreneurship.

  • Aleks Farseev (法信夫)

    Aleks Farseev (法信夫)

    Co-Founder and CEO at SoMin.ai | Adj. Professor at ITMO University

  • Derek Distenfield

    Derek Distenfield

    Derek Distenfield currently travels the world investing in resilient teams bold enough to #GoGlobal as the COO and Co-founder of GSD Venture Studios.

  • Zainuv Mahmudov

    Zainuv Mahmudov

  • Tina Ruseva

    Tina Ruseva

    Founder & CEO Mentessa, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author, Rebel 🤝 for a future of work driven by #diversity, #collaboration, and #purpose

  • Daniel Dippold

    Daniel Dippold

  • Felicity Lonsdale

    Felicity Lonsdale

  • Medicise


    Health tech startup focussed on chronic data analytics #covid19 #longcovid #cardiac #pulmonary #diabetes #chronicdisease

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