The rise of AI technology has also opened the doors to many promises to change, revolutionize, accelerate the development of, and digitize many industries across the board.

According to Grand View Research, the global artificial intelligence market size was valued at $39.9 billion in 2019. Moreover, the speed of growth is not going to reduce in the next few years; the market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 42.2% from 2020 to 2027.

Medicine, among all industries, has been the most optimistic about the major changes that AI applications will bring about in the…

It is no secret that artificial intelligence has been developing and growing at the speed of light.

It’s a tech world buzzword that is trendy, describes the new frontier of technology meant to be stronger, faster, more agile, and more promising when it comes to successful results.

AI is everywhere — from corporate automation to smart assistants in people’s homes. Some versions of AI wake you with an alarm and play your favorite music while you cook breakfast; some take on more responsibilities at a corporate level, managing calendars or identifying risks of fraud.

AI is also not a recent

There are a lot of buzzwords thrown around nowadays, promising to change or revolutionize the world.

Quantum computing is one of them.

There is, no doubt, a reason such tech mammoths as IBM, Microsoft and Google have been racing for the title of the creator of the most powerful quantum computers. In fact, Google has already made the claim that it has achieved quantum supremacy, where the quantum computer of their creation performed better than the traditional computers.

But what is quantum computing, really, and how does one achieve quantum supremacy? …

2020 has been a year of many firsts, to say the least.

It has also shifted people’s lives at their very core and accelerated trends that saw rise earlier, in the past few years.

With a global calamity came also global progress, with a global health crisis — a pressing need to evolve and adapt.

And amidst this push for agility and flexibility, technology came as a reliable answer in a time when uncertainty was quickly becoming a norm.

Almost a year later, it has become clear that the COVID-19 pandemic is not going away anytime soon; some changes it…

Artificial intelligence has completely redefined the world we live in today.

Now, our mornings start with personal assistants waking us up and laying our favorite playlists.

Bots help customers with their questions and issues about the services and products they have purchased.

And now, artificial intelligence is capable of redefining influencer marketing with the power of creating a persona.

Meet Maya — the next-generation virtual influencer set to transform the concept of brand marketing.

Everything started in 2019, when Puma faced the challenge to create a marketing campaign that would promote their “Future Rider” shoe to the audience in South…

New day, new buzzwords.

With the pace at which technological advancements are transforming the world and rendering each other obsolete, it seems like it’s hard to keep up.

It seemed like it was days ago when people were fascinated by blockchain. At the very core, blockchain relies on cryptography techniques to protect information from unauthorized changes, and Bitcoin has been the most widely recognized cryptocurrency relying on these principles. Products with blockchain at their cores are applied to a wide range of industries — from finance and manufacturing to health care — and comprise a market worth more than $150…

Year to year, technology advances at such lightning speed that constant innovation becomes the new norm — and it’s vital to keep up with the latest developments to ensure success and growth.

Amongst the buzzwords thrown around frequently to elevate the products and services these words are used to describe, some of the most recognizable have been Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Virtual or Augmented Reality, Blockchain, and even the Internet of Things.

But there is a new innovation stepping up and claiming its rightful place in the constantly expanding list of innovations is 5G — and it promises to transform the…

Artificial intelligence is known to have revolutionized a lot of industries.

From businesses accelerating the digital transformation to marketing managers developing highly customized advertising campaigns and doctors easily testing new drug alternatives, AI has opened many doors for businesses and individuals alike.

And the genetics field is no exception to this rule. AI can transform how we think about genetics and eliminate the boundaries that limited progress in research in the genomics area.

According to Science Daily, new studies already reveal that an artificial neural network has the ability to identify and uncover patterns in large amounts of genetic data…

You probably heard all the buzz about the SPACs — the special purpose acquisition vehicles — and are curious to know what exactly they are.

Technically speaking — and according to TechCrunch — SPACs are “blank-check companies that are formed for the purpose of merging or acquiring other companies.”

Yes, it’s a mouthful of words. But what do SPACs actually do and, most importantly, what is all the buzz about?

Let’s explore.

First, think of the most traditional way of company growth and maturation: they raise money in venture capital and investment, grow and increase valuation and reach a point…

With the introduction of such technologies as artificial intelligence, virtual/augmented reality, nanotechnology, and many others, the world of medicine is evolving one step at a time, introducing more and more technological elements to its operations and solutions — and expanding the horizons of what is possible in healthcare.

In many ways, this transformation was inevitable — but the truth is, the global pandemic accelerated the transformation process so quickly that it’s not a matter of choice or personal pace anymore. It’s a necessity, a prerequisite for qualifying for the next “level” — the future — we all thought was further…

Gary Fowler

Co-Founder & CEO of GSDVS

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